Friday, 30 October 2009

Sky TV interview with Dr David Harrison

Sky TV interview with Dr. David Harrison, author of 'The Genesis of Freemasonry', on Gardiners' World, Edge Media:

Monday, 29 June 2009

New Book: The Genesis of Freemasonry

This book is a revealing and thoroughly enjoyable journey through the intricate history of English Freemasonry. Historian Dr David Harrison reconstructs the hidden history of the movement, tracing its roots through a mixture of mediaeval guild societies, magic, alchemy and necromancy. He examines the earliest known Freemasons and their obsessions with Solomon's Temple, alchemy and prophecy to the formation of the Grand Lodge in London, which in turn led to rebellions within the Craft throughout England, especially in York and with the formation of the antients. Harrison also analyses the role of French immigrant Dr Jean Theophilus Desaguliers in the development of English Freemasonry, focussing on his involvement with the formation of the mysterious modern Masonic ritual. All Freemasons and more general readers will find much of interest in this fascinating exploration of the very beginnings of Freemasonry, still one of the most mysterious brotherhoods in the world. The book has recieved excellent reviews and is available at all book outlets.


This is a fantastic informative book, charting the origins of Freemasonry from its dark mysterious past of magic and alchemy, up to the foundation of the Grand Lodges in the eighteenth century. The book also mentions famous Freemasons such as Natural Philosophers like Christopher Wren and Jean Desaguliers, poets like Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift, and many more. This book reveals the true beginnings of a much misunderstood society. I highly recommend this book, full of facts, nicely done . I give it a 5 star!

This stellar book is a well written documented history of the beginnings of Freemasonry during the late seventeenth century and throughout eighteenth century England. The author Historian Dr. David Harrison takes you on a fascinating journey through all the little nuances of the Craft.

Exploring the roots of Freemasonry and all it's degrees, the lodges, Grand Lodges, and the men who became Freemasons. The book mentions men like Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Wren, Elas Ashmole, Oliver Cromwell, Jean Desaguliers, Alexander Pope and many more.

It explores the rituals, the architecture of Freemasonry, the politics of Freemasonry, the rebellion within Freemasonry, the reconciliation and the coming together under the United Grand Lodge of England. It Shows how the Craft evolved and how it used elements of architecture, science, mathematics, poetry, art, magic, alchemy and astronomy as it's foundation. The author discusses the three transitions of English Freemasonry and the cultural impact of the Craft.

Most will find this book very informative on a subject which has long been filled with secrecy. Packed with facts and fascinating photos this book is a serious look into the world of Freemasonry. I highly recommend it. 5 stars all around! Nice one to add to your book library.

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