Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Reviews for The Genesis of Freemasonry

'a well crafted work, a stimulating book, well researched...it is a book that provokes thought...'

'this book really does give you all the answers...' Masonic Art Exchange

'A considerable amount of good information is to be found in this book, in depth and fair analysis...an easy book to recommend' The Northern Light

'A fascinating book...The Genesis of Freemasonry is an invaluable resource for future historians...Harrison demonstrates that the reality about Freemasonry is even more compelling than the myths...'
Paranormal Magazine

'sound and solid, thorough in its research and its enquiry...' Fortean Times

'a valuable tool for the Masonic researcher...' Knight Templar Magazine

‘An excellent read’ Daily Post

‘I can commend its purchase to any curious and enquiring reader’ The Square Magazine

‘Dr Harrison is a workman of proven skill in the craft of roughing primary and secondary sources into a smooth thesis’ PIETRE-STONES

The book can be purchased from all good book outlets or direct from http://www.lewismasonic.com/

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