Thursday, 4 November 2010

Reviews for the new book The Transformation of Freemasonry

'Dr. Harrison's work represents an important scholarly contribution to the study of the Masonic fraternity's many philosophical, educational and scientific influences, particularly as they have affected the development of the modern world.'

Shawn Eyer, Editor, Philalethes: The Journal of Masonic Research and Letters

'Although the history of Freemasonry is "to a great extent obscure", Dr. David Harrison has produced a detailed historical work which might well be used as a reference for the serious student of Masonic history during the two hundred years after the formation of the first Grand Lodge. From the makeup of its membership to the "revolt" which occurred after the United Grand Lodge was formed, this book is a wealth of difficult to obtain information!'

John L. Palmer, Managing Editor, Knight Templar magazine

'Dr. David Harrison has produced a deeply researched and thoroughly engrossing follow-up to 'The Genesis of Freemasonry' which gives an insight into the changes that Freemasonry underwent in nineteenth century England. Amongst its many accomplishments, the book demonstrates that in an ever-changing society, certain charismatic and energetic individuals were able to save their lodges from near-extinction. This will resonate with many modern Masons, and is something that modern Freemasonry can take heart from.'

Kenneth C. Jack, Writer: - 'The Ashlar', 'Masonic Magazine', 'Scottish Rite Journal'.

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