Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion

The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion of 1823 was partly a result of the changes that the new United Grand Lodge of England had made after the union of 1813, and was partly a result of the social changes which were happening at the time; the north-west of England becoming heavily industrialised, with growing radicalism and protests such as the Peterloo massacre, all occurring during this crucial period of social upheaval. The leaders of the lodges involved in the rebellion, were radical, charismatic, and powered a heady concoction of anger and ego, they led there lodges head first into a rebellion which would change the Masonic landscape in England for ever. Lodges such as the Merchants lodge, which had been founded by such local dignitaries as Thomas Golightly, a powerful Liverpool merchant and politician, led the way in the rebellion, which was to eventually create the Grand Lodge of Wigan, a seperate Grand Lodge which lasted until 1913.

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