Tuesday, 12 February 2013

With the new book out on the Liverpool Masonic Rebellion, and another book coming out later this year with Lewis Masonic, I have a number of speaking engagements and book signings. One particular event is the 64th Midwest Conference, Winnipeg, where I will be a keynote speaker, on the 4th of May, at the Hilton Suits. I'll be talking about the Liverpool Masonic Rebellion, and how it developed into the Wigan Grand Lodge - the Grand Lodge assisting in the development of its local community. One of the themes of the talk will be how we can still learn from the Masonic rebellion today, and how it has effected modern Freemasonry. Here is the website for the Midwest Conference
for more details: http://www.midwestmasoniced.org/Speakers/speakers.html


  1. Dear Dr. Harrison, Dear all;

    I am currently doing research about Freemasonry in Burma. I thank you in advance for any information, document, personal account or experience, picture you could send me to help me in my research. I am especially interested in what happened to the Lodges in 1942 at the fall of Rangoon, when Japan invaded the country. Did some Brethen participate in the Trek out of Burma, saving and taking with them the archives and symbols from the Masonic Hall? Did the destroy the archives to prevent them to fall in the ennemy's hands?

    Anyway, any information would be of great help. I thank you in advance for your assistance. You can contact me at: jak.bazino@gmail.com.

    I will, of course, keep you informed of the results of my research.

    Fraternal regards,


  2. Dear Jak,
    Your research sounds very interesting. I will send you some information to your email whichmay help.