Monday, 31 August 2015

Manchester Masonic Hall by Dr David Harrison

A recent talk I gave to Semper Fidelis Lodge No 3299, which meets at Manchester Masonic Hall, gave me an opportunity to have a look around the beautiful art-deco building. Semper Fidelis Lodge was consecrated in 1908, and a number of the brethren showed me around the hidden lodge rooms and corridors of the Hall.

In recent years, a number of lodges that met at the Hall have sadly closed, but the Hall is being used for events such as weddings and conferences, so the Hall still feels vibrant and is still being used. There are many different lodge rooms, ante-rooms, and dining rooms, including an amazing dining room that was designed acoustically to convey the voice, probably to assist Masons giving speeches during the festive board, but also, according to legend, was designed so everyone's voice could be heard - including gossiping Masons!

It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to present a talk to Semper Fidelis Lodge, and it was an honour to have a guided tour around the Hall, which is one of most intriguing and architecturally beautiful buildings in Manchester.


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