Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sir Frederick Gustavus Fowke first Baronet - Freemason

Sir Frederick Gustavus Fowke 1st Bt.
Collection - The Library and Museum of Freemasonry.
Sir Frederick Gustavus Fowke first Baronet (1782-1856), was a prominent Freemason, serving as Provincial Grand Master of Leicestershire from 1850 - 1856 and was Senior Grand Warden for the United Grand Lodge of England in 1821.

The Fowke's were an old Leicestershire military family, and there were other prominent Freemasons in the family, such as Col. Sir Thomas Fowke, who was the first Provincial Grand Master of Leicestershire and another member of the family Sir John Fowke Lancelot Rolleston JP, was also a prominent Leicestershire Freemason in the nineteenth century.

It was the third Baronet Sir Frederick Ferrers Conant Fowke that married Edith Frances Daubenry Rawdon, the grand daughter of Liverpool merchant Joshua Rawdon. I am currently working on a biopic of Liverpool Merchant and Philanthropist Christopher Rawdon, Joshua's elder brother, and it is interesting that the meeting of these two families - one aristocratic, the other a wealthy Merchant Unitarian family from Liverpool, combines two different rich histories.

The portrait of Sir Frederick Gustavus Fowke is by an unknown artist and is dated c.1820. It has a certain rustic quality to the painting, but is a very striking portrait non-the-less, revealing Sir Frederick in his distinguished regalia.

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