Monday, 16 May 2016

Art Inspired by Masonry

I have always been interested by art that is inspired by Freemasonry, the society having attracted many artists over the centuries, artists such as Hogarth, Pine, Thomas Beckwith and John Harris. The society has also inspired many other artists who were not members, such as William Blake. The artist behind these pieces is Isabella Wesoly, a London based artist who is also a Freemason. Her work presented here being inspired by the visual interpretation of the chequered flooring of the lodge room. Isabella has designed and co-produced several murals projects in and around West London, and the chequerboard depictions have been part of her craft long before she stepped onto a Masonic path. These early explorations include 'War Games: Where No Checks Mate' (pen and ink sketch) and a wall mural that was painted in the 1980s in London. Isabella studied life drawing at Chelsea School of Art and drawing skills as part of her undergraduate studies at Thames Valley University has exhibited art works with Open Ealing Art Centre and the 4020 Art Group in Spring 2012.

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  1. Appreciation and loving harmony sent to you from West London. It is an honour to be featured on your blogspot Dr. David Harrison.

    Sending you gratitude to you for advocating art and perspectives of pathways less traveled.