Friday, 6 May 2016

Three Distinct Knocks

Who would believe outside of Freemasonry that the Masonic door knocker is such a vital part of the lodge room, even though it's on the outside? The knocker of course has a language all of its own, and is used in a certain way when a Mason or candidate requires entry into the sacred and secret space of the Temple when the lodge is tiled. Hence there are some very ornate and elaborate Masonic door knockers on the doors of lodges all over the Masonic world. Indeed, a lot of effort seems to have been put on the old Masonic lodge room door knocker, and here are a selection of different styles from around the world.

The above three photos show a similar style of the square and compass, the last two with a hand holding a gavel. I have seen many lodge doors to have this style.

From the door of a lodge room at Lancaster Masonic Hall, England.

A similar style modern Masonic knocker as some of the ones above, using the gavel as the actual knocker. This is from the USA.

A door on a street with an Ouroborus - not Masonic - but as a Mason - you would have to give it a knock!

The doorway into the Temple in the Grand Lodge of Greece, Athens.

The door to a lodge room at the Masonic Temple, Birkenhead, Cheshire.

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