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Archibald Briggs - lost nephew of Christopher Rawdon

Archibald Briggs, care of the Stowell family website.
In my latest book on the life of 19th century Liverpool merchant and philanthropist Christopher  Rawdon, I have written a chapter which allows me to explore other family members of interest, one such family member was Archibald Briggs, Christopher's nephew who came to a tragic end. The Briggs family were extremely influential bankers from Halifax, and the family extended their business interests into other industries within Yorkshire. The Briggs family had married into the Rawdon family, Christopher Rawdon marrying Charlotte Briggs, and on Christopher's death in 1858, Archibald stayed with his Aunt Charlotte for a time in Elm House in Anfield, Liverpool.
Archibald received little from Christopher's Will, but despite this, he married in 1860 in Llandudno, at St. George's Church which can still be seen on Church Walk. The church was built in 1840 and closed in 2002, and quickly became fashionable with the wealthy visitors that came to holiday in Llandudno during the Victorian period. The area around Church Walk was extremely exclusive; the Royal Hotel becoming one of the exclusive hotels that accommodated the middle-classes who arrived en masse after the opening of the railway in 1858.
After his marriage, Archibald seemed to drift from one business scheme to another. After a stint living in Liverpool, he moved his family to Yorkshire where he was involved in his elder brother's coal mine. After this, with his health failing, he again up-lifted his family to Europe, travelling around, where in 1885, he became involved in a bad investment scheme in northern Italy. A year later, in debt, he took a boat on Lake Garda and was never seen again.

For more information on the family see the excellent stowell family website

The Royal Hotel on Church Walks, an exclusive Victorian hotel, one of the many hotels that served the middle-classes as they arrived by rail to holiday in this new exclusive resort.

St George's Church on Church Walk in Llandudno where Archibald married Alice Steward in September 1860.

Another Victorian building on Church Walk, a Gothic extravaganza which would have been an exclusive property in what was once the centre of Llandudno.

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