Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Symbolism of Sudley House

Sudley House in Liverpool was built in the early nineteenth century, and is more famous for being the residence of George Holt, a shipping merchant, Unitarian and philanthropist. Holt was a friend and colleague of Christopher Rawdon, who is the subject of my latest book which will be published soon, Rawdon also being a Liverpool Unitarian and philanthropist. George Holt was a keen collector of Pre-Raphaelite Art, and his daughter Emma continued in the philanthropic vein, supporting women’s higher education. Here are a few photos of the House showing its architecture, symbolism and artwork.

Veritas - Goddess of Truth - a stained glass window in the porch way or entrance.

A plaster roundel of Emma Durning Holt, similar to roundel of Charlotte Rawdon.

The philanthropist Emma Holt

A portrait of George Holt

A painting entitled The Windmill. No other details are given, but it looks very similar to the nearby Wavertree Windmill

William Holman Hunt's The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple, a copy of which hangs in Sudley House.

The carved fireplace in the dining room, showing what appears to be three musical cherubs.

Griffins on the fireplace.

The dome from below.

All photos taken with permission.

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