Monday, 17 April 2017

The Lost Industrial and Social Demographic of Winwick Road, Warrington

Winwick Road in Warrington is much changed from how it used to be, with Victorian terrace houses demolished, the landmark pub the Horse and Jockey demolished in the late 1980s to make way for the new MacDonald's Drive-In, the Gas Social Club closed down and the changes in industry along the long road into Warrington from the north. Here are a few photos of how the road once looked, and some of the features that will most probably soon disappear.

Winwick Road is the central straight road on this map of north Warrington c.1955. The Horse and Jockey pub was situated on the corner of Folly Lane and opposite Jockey Street. The Gas Social was on the same side of the road just opposite Ireland Street. Most of the industry shown on the map is now gone.

The much missed and lamented Horse and Jockey pub. There appears to have been a pub named the Horse and Jockey in the 19th century.

Another photo from The Warrington Guardian of the pub just before demolition in the late 1980s

After a few pints in the Horse and Jockey, you could have a few late ones in the Warrington Gas Social a few minutes walk away on the same side of the road. Closed a few years ago, this now derelict social club is typical of the hundreds, if not thousands, that have closed across the country in the last few decades. These social clubs provided a local night-out, entertainment, sports activities and trips for the workmen and their families. The Gas Works still takes up much land on Winwick Road and was a big employer of local people. Most factories had a social club for the workmen, creating a bond and a sense of community.

The entrance to the now closed Warrington Gas Social on Winwick Road

Sign for the Electricity Department in the Gas Works wall on Winwick Road

An entrance for the Electricity Department - just round the corner from the sign

A roadway off Winwick Road that runs along the perimeter of the old Gas Works. During and after World War II, this area was the site of depots for the American Air Base.

And just further down from the Gas Works...a panoramic photo from the Evening Standard, 1967, showing the famous forklift truck producer Lancing Bagnall, bought out by Linde in 1989. The old Mobil Garage is now a Tesco Garage.

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