Thursday, 25 May 2017

Hidden History along Causeway Bridges Farm

Old pathways off the beaten track can reveal many hidden gems of interest. Here are a few photos of a hidden track-way at Causeway Bridges Farm in Burtonwood, Cheshire.

An old sandstone bridge arches over the Sankey Brook. The bridge has been repaired and modified, and seems to have been constructed specifically for Causeway Bridges Farm, possibly in the nineteenth century. There was a similar humped-back sandstone bridge going over the Sankey Brook near Winwick Quay, which was demolished in the early 1980s.

Once over the bridge, one is greeted by old rusting farm machinery lying by the edges of the field.

Farm workers 'shack'.

A brook that runs into the Sankey Brook. This Sankey feeder is one of many 'streams' in the area, some having names such as Spa Brook in nearby Winwick, which hints that it originated from a spring or well.

An old oak stands alone. The pathway from the farm leads into fields and eventually winds to where the Burtonwood Airbase once was.

All photos by Dr David Harrison
© Dr David Harrison 2017.

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