Friday, 28 July 2017

Hidden Lark Lane, Liverpool

A journey down Lark Lane in south Liverpool reveals some beautiful historical hidden gems. Lark Lane itself was akin to a Victorian village in its own right, with a police station, fire station, school, post office and some of the most elegant Regency/early Victorian houses hidden away from view down one of its side streets. It now has a somewhat Bohemian air about it with its history of 60s and 70s bands hanging around its coffee shops and as a present centre for restaurants, quirky shops and bars.

The old wall at the Aigburth Road end of Lark Lane showing local sandstone and a bricked up section.

The old fire station in Lark Lane.

Christ Church School on Lark Lane.

Just off Lark Lane is a hidden partly cobbled narrow road of historical delights called Hadassah Grove which leads to some of the most elegant early nineteenth century houses in this part of Liverpool.

The entrance to Hadassah Grove reveals two posts (one shown here).

The Police Station. It was here that Florence Maybrick was held while the Inquest took place into the death of her husband James Maybrick at Garston Reading Rooms in June 1889.

The window to the cell that Florence was held in. The old Police Station is open for visits and tours.

A document referring to the interment of the late Charles Maybrick in 1924.

All photos by Dr David Harrison

© Dr David Harrison 2017


  1. To anyone interested in the Florence/James/Charles Maybrick case, I highly recommend this incredible book:

  2. So interesting. I remember this area from the days of my youth when lots of students had accommodation roundabout. It is all a bit hazy!

  3. I grew up in the street with the police station, Sefton grove, Nan lived on Hadasah. I never knew Marantos building was a fire station once? there was a station at the bottom of the lane corner of Ivanho and back parkfield I think, was a bulders yard when I was a kid.