Thursday, 13 July 2017

Messages From the Past Carved in Stone

I'm conducting a lot of history walks now it's summer again and can't help looking out for graffiti and stonemason's marks as I'm guiding students around old manor houses, churches and places of historical interest. I've also come across some fascinating gravestones and collectively they all can be seen as messages from the past, be it dates, symbols, graffiti or a memorial in stone. Here are a few of the historical 'oddities' that I've come across recently:

'L B 1949' etched on an outside sandstone wall of the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth, Liverpool.

1858 date stone on a drinking fountain in Anfield, Liverpool. It was around this time that Charles Pierre Melly funded public drinking fountains as a clean water supply for the people of Liverpool.

Benchmark on the same drinking fountain.

'D. H. & J. NEWALL, DALBEATTIE' a company in Scotland that owned a granite quarry and a factory that cut the stone which was perfect for the many public monuments that appeared during the nineteenth century, such as the drinking fountain in Anfield.

Stone marker in Anfield: 'WEST DERBY 1817'. The 'WEST' is on one side while 'DERBY' is on the other.

The gravestone of Joseph King, the compiler of 'the well known KING'S INTEREST TABLES' in the graveyard of the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth.

All photos by Dr David Harrison
© Dr David Harrison 2017.

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