Friday, 14 July 2017

Messages From the Past Part II

Liverpool has some of the most historically important places of worship in any city in Britain, from St. Michael's-in-the-Hamlet to the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth. I was honoured recently to be allowed up the tower of St. George's Church in Everton - the 'Cast Iron' Church itself, to not only be treated to the stunning views of the city, but to have a look at some of the historical features to be seen on the way to the top. Brand names and company names from the proud by-gone days of British manufacturing during the industrial revolution can still be seen stamped and etched on their products in various parts of the journey, and here is a collection of makers marks, memorials and graffiti from the past etched into different parts of the tower.

The Church clock located in the tower of St. George's in Everton, Liverpool, made by Christopher Rowson & Son, Liverpool, 1890. Liverpool was a leading centre for clock-making in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

An iron girder located in the tower of St. George's Church, Everton, made in England.

Different stonemason's cutting marks on the sandstone in the tower of St. George's Church.

More stonemason's cutting marks to be found in the tower.

Graffiti in the tower: 'J S'

'J. HOLDEN' carved in a sandstone block in the tower.

'B P + M R' scratched onto sandstone in the tower.

A weathered stone at the top of the tower replaced in 1898?

The stairwell in the tower.

'J.S.' again, etched in a different stone.

The entrance to the tower.

All photos by Dr David Harrison
© Dr David Harrison 2017.

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