Sunday, 2 July 2017

More Medieval and Modern Graffiti

I have done a few posts now that discuss and show photos of both medieval and modern graffiti. I think it is in us all to leave our mark and to leave a historical record of some sorts, be it a date on a building, a carved set of initials or mason's mark for future reference. They contain brief messages from the past; initials of a person who lingered there for a moment or a builder who wanted to leave his mark. Here are a few more examples of medieval and modern graffiti that I've spotted on my travels recently.
'L R' underneath one of the arches, Sankey viaduct built in 1830

'C G' and 'K J', Sankey viaduct
A collection of initials on the Sankey viaduct

'P.H.D' along with a collection of other initials carved onto a sandstone block by a doorway on St. Mary's Church in Hale near Liverpool
'H H' on St. Mary's Church, Hale.

'1614' - the date carved in an oak beam above the door of the White Lion pub in the Cheshire village of Barthomley

Weathered graffiti on St. Bertoline's late 15th century Church, Barthomley

More weathered marks on the church

'I H' carved on a stone outside St. Bertoline's Church

Two carved ridges in a sandstone block in the porchway of St. Bertoline's Church. This reminds me of the carved ridges supposedly made by archers in a similar location at St. Michael's Church in Shotwick, Cheshire

All photos by Dr David Harrison
© Dr David Harrison 2017.

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