Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Rebuilding of Liverpool Castle by Lord Leverhulme

The medieval Liverpool Castle was finally dismantled in the early eighteenth century, but a new Liverpool Castle was constructed by Lord Leverhulme on his estate in Rivington in 1912. More of a folly than an actual castle, the structure looks out over the reservoir much the same as the original castle that it took its name from looked out over the Mersey. It was therefore placed on the list of field trips this summer for the Rawdon history group who, being from Liverpool, appreciated the historical connection of the Rivington area with the city, not just with the castle but with the reservoir itself which supplied Liverpool with clean water during the nineteenth century. Here are some photos of the rebuilt Liverpool castle at Rivington, and they certainly reveal the intricate building work that Leverhulme put into his scheme. For a previous article on Leverhulme click here.

The entrance to the castle

A lost northern Glastonbury looms above the castle

All photos by Dr David Harrison

© Dr David Harrison 2017


  1. We're exactly is this castle plz x

  2. We're exactly is that castle plz an how would I get to the old police station an others posTed plz thanks on advance x

  3. Hi Cathey, many thanks for your comment. The castle is near Rivington Pike on Lord Leverhulme's estate, best thing to do is to type it in google maps for a more accurate and easy way to find. The old Police Station on Lark Lane is open as a community centre and is open Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm. There are a couple of guys always there to show visitors around.